Welcome to United Alliance Xpress – The Leading International Shipment Company

At United Alliance Xpress, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient international shipping in Delhi. Whether you’re a business expanding globally or an individual sending a package to a loved one overseas, we are here to simplify the process and ensure you get international overnight shipping, that too in budget.

International Courier

United Alliance Xpress owing to its reputation of being the best international courier company in India, has redefined international courier services with a commitment to excellence. From parcel to package, your shipments are our priority.

Air Freight

Your cargo's safety is our top priority. Our state-of-the-art facilities and rigorous handling procedures with regard to air freight services India guarantees secure transportation from the moment it leaves your hands to the moment it reaches its final destination.

Sea Freight

Sail with confidence as your cargo traverses the seas to reach every corner of the globe. Our extensive network ensures that you get the best of sea cargo services in India and your shipments are connected seamlessly, regardless of the destination.

Import Services from Across the Globe

Access a world of opportunities with United Alliance Xpress, one of the top import export companies. We simplify the sourcing process, connecting your business with suppliers worldwide, ensuring a diverse and competitive edge.

Commercial Shipment

From your warehouse to the final destination, our commercial shipment services offer end-to-end supply chain solutions tailored to the specific requirements of your business.

Food Items Delivery

Time and Temperature is the essence in the food industry. We aim at maintaining the freshness of your food items with our state-of-the-art temperature-controlled logistics. From frozen delights to fresh produce, we ensure your items are delivered on schedule and at the optimal temperature.